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December 19, 2018



Candles used to be a source of light especially during times when there is no electricity but nowadays, candles are being used to accentuate the interiors of a home and to bring a personal touch to it.

Scented candles make your home smell so good especially after smelling unpleasant odors outside. It makes you relax and gives you comfort while inside your home. You can always choose the scent that you want based on your favorite scent or based on a scent that brings back memories.

Scented candles are usually made of paraffin wax but Cult has found a better alternative to paraffin wax. Buy scented soy waxed candles online from Cult Queensland now. Cult uses a mixture of soy and paraffin wax. Soya bean is a renewable source of energy and we can extract its wax without harming the environment.

We have done so much damage to our environment and the best way to save our environment is by doing little things such as recycling, not using plastic, segregating our trash properly, and...

September 5, 2018

The most important time for a candle is the initial first hours of burn so for a typical Cult loft glass I recommend letting the wax melt until it has reached the inside of the glass and to a depth of about 1/2 an inch.

September 3, 2018

So excited to reveal  the new line up for the coming months.

Stay Tuned for more.

Some of the most loved ones will still remain so you can still 

purchase through the shop.

Phew!  What an amazing day!  CULT Candles was proud to display our range of 8 stunning fragrances to the public at our first Gold Coast market today.  We'd love to say a huge thank you to Bundall Bazaar for hosting our display.  Bundall Bazaar is a relatively new player to the thriving Gold Coast market scene and did not disappoint in terms of great music and plenty of delicious food!  Check out their Instagram page here.

It was great to meet with the public and proudly show off our products to you, and - more importantly - get some feedback which was unanimously positive!  As suspected by myself, Fleece was the stand-out performer at the market but there is still some available in the online store... grab some before they go!

Because we love getting out and about and meeting our wonderful customers face-to-face, you should keep an eye out for us at various markets on the Gold Coast.  You can keep track of us on Facebook and Instagram!  We are also looking at taking the sh...

Whilst 'building an empire' might be a bit of hyperbole, we have been working very hard to build up enough stock to officially open the online store.  Of course, anyone can still place an order via the web store or by phoning us on 0421 153 574 right now.  You can find our contact details here, and of course a link to the shop here.


The reason we're feverishly making candles is the curing process.  We're very proud of our method of curing the fragrance in the wax to ensure that the scent is breathtaking from the moment you open the lid to the moment you light the wicks.  Perhaps most importantly, this process greatly reduces the fragrance of wax itself so nothing gets in the way of enjoying the candle.  This process also strengthens the wax, prolonging the burn time and extending the life of the product.  


As they say, all good things come to those who wait, and curing CULT Candles does take time.  That's why we're busy in the studio, always making fresh stock...

Of course, this meant we had to develop names that matched the uniqueness of the fragrances they were attached to.  We believe all of our fragrances are beautiful and have broad appeal, but we also feel that some of them will surprise you.

For example, Ultraviolet.  We often struggle to remain professional in meetings when handling Ultraviolet because it's just so moreish!  When we talk about 'bright' floral frangraces, we mean that it is a complete depature from the soft and powdery fragrances typically associated with flowers.  This violet smacks you right in the olfactory system and really wakes it up.  If that wasn't enough, we boosted it with some powerful citruses typical of the top notes in modern perfumes.  Ultraviolet would be a perfect addition to living spaces as well as the kitchen and bathroom.

Then there's Fleece.  This is a personal favourite of mine, with it's comforting freshness that is born of natural fibers and freshly laundered things.  There's no...

It all starts with a blank canvas, or in our case - an empty page waiting to receive a plethora of ideas from our creative team.  We've been working feverishly over the last couple of years to bring you a flagship range of 8 fragrances that we're just so proud of.

We discovered early on that anyone can make a candle, really.  It's actually a rather simple process and Vince, our candlemaker, found it quite therapeutic.  However, the creative team quickly realised that whilst making a candle might have been easy, making a good one proved difficult.

This is where the past 2 years comes into it, and Vince has made crafting the perfect formula and tweaking the development process a labour of love.  That labour payed off with a cloud of intense fragrance one day and he's never looked back.

Now, we're busily crafting a clean and simple website that reflects our vision at CULT Candles - clear, direct, pure.  We hope you enjoy using our website to explore the flagship range of candles.  There...

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