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Everyone loves to walk into a room and be immediately transported by a beautiful fragrance, whether it takes you somewhere new or back to a memory you had nearly forgotten.  Our sense of smell is closely linked to our memories, and at CULT Candles we want to trigger those happy memories or help you to create new ones.


The market has never been so full of quality scented candles - we're spoiled for choice.  At CULT Candles, we love those old favourites, whilst adding a modern twist, but our unique fragrances can't be found anywhere else.


The creation of these fragrances can be a long process, but we're committed to producing something more than a beautiful scented candle.  We hope that our candles can stand alone in the market as being both environmentally responsible, but as covetous and prized as a fine perfume

CULT Candles is family owned and operated, based on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Protecting the


CULT candles is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment.  That's why we use recyclable materials such as glass, cotton and lead-free wicks, as well as a sustainable and naturally-derived wax. 


All of our candles are hand poured to avoid the unnecessary impact on carbon emissions that are part of factory production.

Rue Cambon: The popular perfume developed by Coco


Speakeasy Absinthe: The Green Fairy Magic




Traditionally, candles have been made with paraffin wax alone, which gives a great scent throw and is strong enough to hold its shape without a container.  Happily, paraffin is no longer the sole choice for candle-makers.  Soya bean is a renewable resource, and its wax can be repeatably extracted without harmful effects to the environment.  This means you can enjoy CULT Candles guilt-free!


We use a soy/paraffin blend, which is a high-quality and all-natural wax.  This particular product provides a velvet smooth finish, holds fragrance beautifully, and will burn for many hours.  The special properties of this wax means it can hold a higher proportion of fragrance, which means CULT Candles will really make an impression.

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